Laika AI Pioneers$9 Billion Addressable Market

Laika AI achieved its current market position through 100% organic growth: 50k+ downloads, 15K+ active daily users, and strategic partnerships with some of the biggest names in the Web3 and tech sectors.
Platform subscriptions and staking for premium features and data access.
Staking $LKI
Stake our tokens to access premium features and eliminate the need to share data.
Data Offering
And AI improvement through web3 data aggregation.
TAO mining rewards
Revenue from TAO mining rewards redistributed to stakers.
Leasing to companies for market insights and user behavior analysis.

The Growth of the AI Market by 2025

Analysts forecast shows that the AI market will surpass +$90 billion in revenue
Web 3 modelled AI will account for
of the industry by 2025
All AI market
Web 3 modelled AI segment

Enhancing User Experience and Web3

Laika AI integrates AI advancements with web3 development by using user data for app improvement and strategic monetization. This approach enhances user experience and provides essential data solutions to the web3 community, creating new revenue opportunities and fostering growth in both AI and web3 ecosystems.

Become a TAO Data Provider

Laika AI will join Bittensor's network to earn rewards by supplying quality data, enhancing its AI with user data while earning TAO rewards. These rewards will support the Laika community and fund platform growth.

Staking $LKI

Laika AI's staking mechanism encourages long-term investment with a 20% fee divided between community treasury and token burns, boosting token demand and supporting decentralization through a community-managed treasury.
Launching in Summer 2024

Laika AI Subscription

Users can access AI tools without sharing data, through subscription fees. This model aims to balance user privacy with access to advanced features, while supporting the platform's growth and community engagement

API Leasing to Companies and Projects

Laika's enterprise model aligns with growing AI demand, offering an API for easy integration of current, accurate AI services into products, poised for exponential growth and significant revenue as AI demand increases.