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Alert me to new interactions with my wallet from unknown addresses
Alert me if a wallet transacts over 10,000 ETH in a day
Show recent large transactions by top Ethereum whales
Show the most influential Twitter accounts discussing $SOL this month
Give me the volatility index of $AAVE for risk assessment

Laika is Your Research Partner

Get Wallets Insights
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Activate Personal AI Alerts
Monitor activities in targeted wallets or transaction thresholds
Track Whale Wallets
Analyze the market impact of whale wallets and crypto influencers
Personalise Crypto Feed
Stay ahead with AI feeds that deliver critical updates
Multichain Swap With Best Liquidity
Simplify your trading experience by executing swaps across multiple chains from a single platform, powered by AI to ensure you always access the best liquidity available
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V6 is coming

Laika AI Continuously Learns and Improves

Laika is built on web3 data models and libraries, supported by giants like Google and Covalent. This unique foundation and proprietary algorithms shape the first AI neural network dedicated to web3.
Integration & Evolution
By connecting with multiple blockchains, browsers, Dapps, and oracles, such as Chainlink, Laika aggregates diverse data. This process not only expands its data library but also continuously enhances its neural network with new web3 data models.
Learning & Growth
By connecting with multiple blockchains, browsers, Dapps, and oracles, such as Chainlink, Laika aggregates diverse data. This process not only expands its data library but also continuously enhances its neural network with new web3 data models.

Non-inflationary Staking Rewards, Burn Mechanism and Growing Treasury

Staking $LKI Token
Laika’s Revenue Streams

Timeline and Roadmap

A glimpse into the future. Charting milestones, innovations, and growth. It's your guide to our exciting journey ahead. Join us on the path to success
  • Laika Platform Evolution & wallet analytics
  • Strategic Partnership Expansion
  • Laika V6 Rollout: AI Integration for Wallet Analytics
  • Feature Enhancement For Extension V6
  • Forge Web3 Alliances
  • Expand Research & Analytics Data
  • Browser Extension Expansion
  • Comprehensive DeFi Analysis Plugin
  • Discord Bot & Telegram Bot [AI-based]
  • Mobile App & Web App Development
  • Api Launch for data infrastructure
  • Laika AI V7 Launch
  • L1 Support For Analytics
  • AI-Powered Trading
    Autonomous Agent
  • Experimental DeFi Protocols Plugin

Laika AI Leverages Biggest Players in Web3 and Web2

Our partners
AWS is known for its security, high performance, and accessibility. It currently hosts some of the largest firms in the world including Netflix, Airbnb, NASA, and General Electric. Through an AWS Grant, Laika AI gains exclusive access to AWS backend services, APIs, and data center features. These resources have helped the protocol become a pioneering force in the AI web3 market. Additionally, it demonstrates the level of support Laika AI has secured.
Avalanche is a multilayered fourth-generation blockchain that offers full support for the latest DeFi features. This programmable network features high performance and offers eco-friendly solutions to the market. Laika AI harvests Avalanche’s data directly to improve AI data models and empower developers to create more immersive platforms.
Space ID
Space ID seeks to revolutionize digital identities via a combination of tools including naming services, registration, domain trading, and management tools. The platform has +5M active users and is an industry leader in the web3 naming service sector. Integration of Laika AI improves Space ID offerings considerably by reducing the workload required to discover, register, trade, and manage web3 domains. It also helps Laika grow the user base by gaining exposure to a vibrant community of web3 developers, and users.
OKX Wallet
OKX is one of the leading CEX (centralized exchanges) in operation today. Their OKX Wallet is a popular non-custodial mobile wallet that is packed with advanced features and services. Specifically, the wallet supports multi-signatures, encryption, and cold storage. Additionally, it has a user-friendly interface that eliminates technical requirements for users. Laika AI and OKX Wallet have teamed up to offer a seamless and secure experience within the Web3 world. This integration places Laika AI's powerful toolset directly in the OKX wallet interface which has millions of active users. This strategy boosts Laika AI's market exposure, security, and onboarding process. It also makes the platform a crucial tool that OKX users have at their fingertips.
Covalent is a powerful blockchain analytics tool that provides real-time data to users and applications. The platform operates as a crucial tool for traders seeking a wide array of blockchain data. It empowers Dapp builders via guides and toolkits that support scalable operations. Laika AI is the first blockchain web3 AI protocol to receive the Covalent grant which demonstrates its potential in the eyes of market analysts. The Covalent program provides Laika AI access to the firm’s vast data sets which will improve future web3 data models and performance.
Argent Wallet
The Argent Wallet is a popular Ethereum-based mobile wallet provider. The protocol has +2M active users and is currently Starknet's most popular open-source wallet option. Laika AI’s direct integration into the Argent Wallet enhances its capabilities by supporting AI-assisted wallet tracking, comprehensive DeFi research, token contract analysis, and NFT market analytics. This is also very beneficial for Laika because this integration gives Argent Wallet users direct exposure to Laika’s tools and AI, thus acting as a strong top funnel for user growth.
Op BNB is a high-performance optimistic layer 2 solution for the Binance Smart Chain. It operates as an execution layer on top of BSC and reduces costs and transaction times for users. As such, it’s a powerful layer 2 that has helped thousands of BSC developers create, test, and scale their projects. Laika AI integrates OP BNB infrastructure and data to enhance its UX. The integration reduces transaction costs and improves Laika AI’s interoperability within the blockchain space while driving adoption.
Google Incubation for Web3 & AI
Google Incubation for Web3 & AI focuses on empowering startups in the AI, blockchain, FinTech, and machine learning sectors. The program provides a plethora of support to selected projects in the form of access to funding, resources, technical support, marketing, and business consulting. Laika AI is the first web3-powered AI protocol to be accepted into the program. This position exposes Laika AI to high visibility and increased network opportunities. It also enables the platform to leverage Google’s guidance in multiple aspects including fostering collaborations, expanding R&D, and strengthening its ecosystem.
Cyber Connect
Cyber Connect is a leading decentralized social network ecosystem that has +327M active users. The platform puts users in control of their data, content, and decentralized identity. Laika AI‘s integration into Cyber Connect will improve the UX via an integration of web3-powered AI tools. It also expands the data that Laika AI models can leverage and exposes Cyber Connect's millions of followers to its helpful services.
Linea is a powerful analytics service provider that has a reputation for its quality data and responsiveness. Laika AI integrates Linea data directly from the source which improves authenticity, delivery time, and accuracy. Additionally, Linea's services expand Laika AI’s existing capabilities, providing users with deeper insights, enhanced security, and superior market analysis of fast-paced digital assets.
Trust Wallet
Trust Wallet is one of the top-performing mobile cryptocurrency storage options in the market today. The platform boasts +60M downloads and supports 1000s of cryptocurrencies across +70 blockchains. Laika AI leverages Trust Wallet's advanced features to improve interoperability, tracking, and monitoring capabilities across chains. Trust Wallet's integration into so many networks makes it an ideal source of data for Laika AI services. Additionally, integrating Laika AI on Trust Wallet gives their 10s of millions of users access to Laika’s tools, which will be a major user funnel for the Laika App.
BNB Greenfield
BNB Greenfield is a Binance-powered blockchain infrastructure provider that specializes in the development and deployment of web3 applications. The protocol provides high interoperability without reducing security for Dapps. Through a strategic partnership, Laika AI and BNB Greenfield seek to merge on-chain data analytics and AI with cutting-edge decentralized storage solutions.
Dmail provides a private decentralized communication system to blockchain users. The protocol accomplishes this task by hiding email metadata and other identifying tags. Dmail users gain added functionalities such as the ability to select what metadata they want to share. Laika AI integrates Dmail services including end-to-end encryption and data permission capabilities to protect users.
ChainLink CCIP
Chainlink CCIP (Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol) introduces a streamlined interface that empowers developers to securely meet all their cross-chain needs. Laika AI integrates the CCIP and Chainlink oracles to improve AI data models and the responsiveness of the network. This strategy adds another layer of real-world data to Laika AI web3 data models.
Infura is a powerful Web3 development platform that provides instant and scalable API access to the Ethereum and IPFS networks. Infura streamlines dapp creation and is recognized for its secure and reliable market solutions. Infura enhances Laika AI's capabilities and processes via access to web3 libraries which expand current data models.
SimpleHash is a well-known NFT analytics suite. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) traders require a different data set compared to crypto traders who are interested in details such as market cap and FDV. SimpleHash provides direct access to vital NFT data including scarcity, issuance date, prior owners, and interoperability. Laika AI users gain access to this data which improves their NFT market insights.
ZkSync is a layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution and developer ecosystem that has a strong following in the market. The protocol partnered with Laika AI to improve AI models and create a single point of access to crucial details about tokens, NFTs, and other digital assets across multiple blockchains. Laika AI users enjoy interoperability with ZkSync’s user-friendly interface and support for ZkSync-powered assets.
Laika AI extends its powerful capabilities to the layer-2 Polygon (formerly MATIC) blockchain via a strategic partnership. Polygon has millions of active users and is one of the most popular Ethereum layer 2 solutions in operation currently. Laika AI helps Polygon users gain detailed insight using AI-powered smart contracts scans and token analysis that integrates into the network’s toolset Additionally, by integrating Laika onto Polygon, Laika now has the ability to directly scrape, analyze and add data from the Polygon network into Laika’s data models.
Galxe is an online community of web3 promoters, developers, and creators. This platform has +14M active users and has been crucial in the creation and expansion of successful projects including Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and more. Laika AI has a large active community of more than 45K+ users on Galxe which formed organically. These users continue to help Laika innovate, and try out the Dapp’s new use cases. Additionally, Galxe specializes in blockchain ID systems which improve Laika AI onboarding options.
Carbon Browser
The Carbon Browser is an advanced decentralized protocol that integrates a variety of web3 services. Users enjoy access to integrated crypto wallets, ad blockers, dPVN, and DeFi options. Additionally, the wallet offers both bridge and swap features to its +5M active users. Carbon Browser’s Laikai AI support provides Laika AI with untethered access to mobile web3 data feeds from +60k daily users.
Power Browser
Power Browser is a mobile browser that optimizes performance and battery life. This popular protocol has +5.7M active users and is available as a free download for Android devices. Integration of Laika AI into Carbon Browser improves Laika AI systems and insight via real-time data scraping.
BNB Chain
BNB Chain offers direct access to a host of scaling solutions including options for both layer 1 and layer 2 networks to its +1M daily users. The network enables developers to create using popular languages, toolsets, and modules. Laika AI gains direct exposure to the BNB Chain user base as a powerful option that developers can leverage to streamline blockchain research and development.
Arbitrum is an advanced Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution. The network leverages a proprietary scaling solution called Nitro that boosts throughput and lowers costs for developers and users. Laika AI’s extension offers an integrated view of Arbitrum assets including the growing number of sub-chains supported on the protocol. Users can track real-time asset values, analyze profits and losses, and stay informed about wallet movements in real-time. Laika AI gains direct access to Arbitrum’s expanding community of developers and users which provides valuable data for Laika AI's web3 models..
Optimism operates as a layer-2 scaling solution that leverages optimistic roll-up technology to provide high performance to Ethereum users. Optimism was designed to be a lightweight extension that empowers Ethereum developers to create complex apps that cost less to operate. The platform has +$2Bin on on-chain value currently. Laika AI harnesses Optimism's data and provides its users with access to the most advanced web3 AI tools available. This maneuver exposes Laika AI to the vast Optimism user base.
Scroll is an open-source scaling solution that was created by Ethereum developers to address multiple issues at the time. Today it operates as a top option for those seeking reliable functionality and bytecode-level compatibility with existing Ethereum apps. Laika AI leverages Scroll’s data to build confidence and accuracy.


What is Laika AI, and how does it work?
Laika AI is a revolutionary browser extension that integrates advanced on-chain AI tools. It works by leveraging artificial intelligence and blockchain data to offer users insights into various aspects of the crypto landscape. Users can access features like DeFi research, token contract analysis, and phishing website detection seamlessly.
Is Laika AI secure for handling sensitive crypto-related data?
Absolutely! Laika AI prioritizes user security. All data processing occurs locally on users' devices, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive information. Our commitment is to provide a secure and decentralized AI solution for enhanced user experience in the Web3 domain.
How can I stay updated on Laika AI's latest developments and features?
Stay in the loop by following us on Twitter (@Laika_ai) and joining our Discord community. We regularly share updates, announcements, and conduct engaging events to keep our community informed about the latest features, partnerships, and advancements in the Laika AI ecosystem.
What sets Laika AI apart from other blockchain analytics tools?
Laika AI stands out with its user-friendly browser extension that empowers users with advanced on-chain analytics without the need for complex setups. The integration of AI and blockchain technology distinguishes Laika AI, offering a seamless experience for users to navigate the complexities of the crypto world.
Simplifying your experience with clarity and ease. Or you can write us a mail on