Laika has the Potential to Service 100+ Million Users

Laika AI achieved its current market position through 100% organic growth: 50k+ downloads, 15K+ active daily users, and strategic partnerships with some of the biggest names in the Web3 and tech sectors.

Launched in 2023 in Google Web3 Incubator

User Retention Curve
Active Users
Partner Program With

10+ million impressions

Laika is working with a  list of the biggest and most influential thought leaders in Web3 who have combined communities of well over 10 million people to join our partner program.

Additionally, Laika will be running numerous marketing campaigns to ensure maximum coverage, and to get the app as much exposure possible.

User growth plan

effective user funnel that positions Laika to become the dominant web3 AI assistant.

Staking Program

Incentives for users to engage with Laika
Launching in Summer 2024

Referral Program

Encourages current users to bring in new users
Launching in Summer 2024

Organic Growth

Laika has 50,000 downloads without any marketing, which indicates strong signals towards organic traction and user retention within the web3 community


on-chain users since launch